Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mr Pumpkin and all his Halloween friends!

My stick characters are made from Cedar tree limbs. The heads are sculpted from clay. They are then painted with acrylics, sealed, and ready to take home. I can take orders but since each stick is unique no one will be exactly the same.
"Mr. Pumpkin"
(15 inches tall)
"Mr. Spooky Cat"
(11 inches tall)
"Mr. Harvest"
(15 inches tall)
"Daddy Long Legs"
(15 inches tall)
My canvas dolls are made of muslin from my original patterns. I can take orders if requested.
"Happy Pumpkin Lady"
(18 inches tall)
*All prices include shipping.


Amy H. said...

Janet.....Oh my Goodness Girl...I love Mr. Peapod...I hadn't seen him...I could stare at your art all day...Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

Your Friend,

The Old Oaken Bucket said...

Hey Janet! I love your new background. The site looks absolutely wonderful! All your dolls are just great and I cannot wait to hear how everything goes in May. Wish you the very best, Kristi

~dani~ said...

Wonderful pieces Janet! So unique in design and so fun in execution! Wonderfully sweet and spooky offerings!


vintagepaletteart said...

How wonderful your creations are!! SO glad I found your blog!

Your best friend is so sweet too! =o)


Tracy M. said...

Oh my gosh! Your works are amazing. I just found your blog.
I'll be back,
Tracy M.

Enchanted Productions by Joyce Stahl said...

Oh my gosh....these stick characters are DARLING! I just love them!

Enchanted Blessings,

Chicken Lips said...

Love your creations - so much character! Welcome to Spookytime Jingles

jaz said...

wow...just found your blog! i love your creations and i want that pup. but my firkid would never allow another near me! you will like looking at my blog.

enjoy and hope to see you around!

Gourdqueen said...

Love your work!! You have such imagination and I bet you have loads of fun making them!

Brandi McKenna said...

Janet I found you through Amy's blog! I can't believe how wonderful and fresh your work is! I would love to e-mail or chat sometime and hope to meet you and see your work in person one day as I do travel to the Knoxville area.. Have a great week!

Light and Shadow Studio said...

Hi Janet, thank you for coming by my web site and leaving such a nice compliment. I also love your work. It is so charming! The witches and pumpkins on the sticks make me smile. Tammy